Welcome to Derby On Board Games!

Regular Gaming Events in Derby

We hold regular gaming nights every Monday at Alchemy Board Game Cafe/Bar on the Wardwick. from 7:30pm-11pm

We also hold an event geared specifically toward family gaming (although the adults who want to just play Heavy Euros are welcome too of course) on the last Wednesday of every month at The Book Cafe on Cornmarket from 4pm-10pm.

Our next Book Café Family Games Night is Wed 29th March 2017.

But we're not done there!

There's a Games Night every other Tuesday at Christ Church on Great Northern Road. from 7:30pm-10ish
The next Tuesday Games Night event at Christ Church is Tue 14th March 2017.

The 2nd Thursday of every month is D6+Beer at Alchemy Board Game Cafe/Bar on Wardwick. from 4pm-11pm
The next D6+Beer event at Alchemy is Thu 13th April 2017.

All Day Gaming!

Twice yarly we host an all day event which runs from 10am-8pm and is usually at Derby Silk Mill on Silk Mill Lane.
The next one of these is likely to be in July and at a different venue as the silk mill have the World War One poppies on display. Keep an eye on the website and facebook group to stay in the loop!

NB: Clicking on the name of a venue will take you to their website. Clicking on the name of a street will take you to a Google map showing the location of the venue.

Still More to Come...

This website is still under construction but why not bookmark it and check back in a couple of weeks as we should be fully up and running by then.

In the meantime you can check out our facebook group or come along to one of the events above and introduce yourself - we only bite when asked, promise!

An image showing some Derby On Board Members playing a game.